• Monday, 23 October 2023

Case Study: Financial Professional Evan Pollack shares his story about joining 1847Financial – New York

Evan Pollack had no plans to leave his position at a Guardian agency, where he had excelled, ranking sixth among first-year advisors nationally and maintaining that ranking in his second year. 

Evan had been mentored by outstanding professionals and envisioned a long and successful career at Guardian.

However, a chance meeting with an financial professional from a different firm introduced Evan to the ACE program, a groundbreaking approach to new business and underwriting. His experience using the ACE program to place a term life case with Penn Mutual left him astonished. What would have taken over three weeks at Guardian, he achieved in under 48 hours. This newfound efficiency, along with his analysis of the insurance products and firm culture, compelled Evan to explore a career transition.

1847Financial - New York, led by Managing Partner Michael Kane, provided Evan with a papering team and guidance every step of the way. In just one month, Evan realized he had made the right decision. Evan's journey underscores the importance of adaptability and seizing new opportunities when they arise, even when it means departing from a well-established path. It also highlights the power of personalized service and the invaluable role of in-person connections in the financial services industry.


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