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Our marketing team offers one-on-one coaching to help you build your marketing plan

Whether you’re focusing on client retention, increasing wallet share with your clients, or growing your business, our marketing team offers one-on-one coaching to help you build your marketing plan, as well as access to a comprehensive marketing suite to build your website, email, and social media presence.

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Your vision, your goals, our support.

  • Marketing Plans

    We work with you directly to outline your goals, establish your target market, and create marketing plans that help you fulfill your sales pipeline with leads and book more appointments with prospects.

  • Referral Network

    Through our professional alliance advantage (PAA) program, we’ll help you identify your ideal partners and centers of influence like CPAs or P&C attorneys, leverage turnkey marketing materials with those partners, and build strong relationships with your professional alliances. 

  • Digital Presence

    We work with you to help you enhance your digital presence with complementary website reviews and recommendations, and evaluation of your social media presence.

  • Campaign Execution

    We work with you to build your campaigns using our library with both Penn Mutual and FMG content available through your complimentary subscription to the marketing suite powered by FMG. Execute campaigns that leverage your name, company logo, and personalized content delivered through the all-in-one marketing suite for newsletters, emails, social media, and landing pages for lead generation.

  • Event Support

    We’ll help you plan and execute your online webinars or in-person seminars, or prepare for your next trade show. We can help with presentations, brochures, and personalizing content that hits the mark for your next event.

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