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We strive to be a lighthouse to our community by illuminating the path and charting the course for our financial professionals to grow and thrive.

Our team encourages you to maximize your potential to be light in your community by supporting the processing of your business and providing a culture focused on success and significance.

We believe that excellence is the result of three key ingredients. The first is an Engaged community of professionals, encouraging and cheering for one another. The second is Education in cutting-edge financial strategies, as well as, routinely sharpening the axe. The third is an Elevated support team that does the heavy lifting to get your business processed quickly and efficiently.



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Tomas H. Parks, Ph.D., CLU, ChFC

Managing Principal & Special Needs Planner

Dr. Tomas “Thor” Parks, DBA

Operations Manager

Bryan C. Woodell, Sr.

Managing Director

Kevin P. Taylor, LUTCF

Director, Business Development

Morris Gibson

Director of Development

KariMarie Rossignol

Director of Operations – Charlotte

Al Dickens, III

Director of Leap Training

Gwenn Kessler

Sr. Field Associate

George Beck

Securities Coordinator

Stephen Grant

CLU, Insurance Specialist

Robin Slater

Director of Operations – Atlanta


Georgia and the Carolinas

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Engage, Educate, Elevate

Our Commitment to You

Excellent Practice Management

Our specialty is partnering with you, from case design to delivery, so that you can do what you do best, focus on your clients.

Our Values

Excellence in Performance as Defined by a Commitment to

  • Integrity
  • Interdependence
  • Impact
  • Influence
  • Independence
  • Passion
  • Purpose
  • People
  • Planning
  • Paradigm

Lighting the Way

If you’ve been fighting the good fight, building your business alone, without the support of a strong team, consider availing yourself of the resources we provide so that you can shine brighter in your community. You can illuminate the path for even more people, protecting them against the unforeseen obstacles in life.

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