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At our firm within the 1847Financial family, we invest in understanding and adapting to your client's shifting needs. Upholding our mission statement, "Making Lives Better Because We Care," we champion our clients' well-being and financial professionals' dedication. Our commitment is unwavering because your progress and peace of mind matter to us.

As a Penn Mutual Preferred Partner, we stand behind Penn Mutual's values of acting with integrity, respecting one another, sustaining our legacy, and a shared sense of belonging. We are proud to offer competitive products and solutions.

Board Game

The LEAP® Model

The LEAP model® is a unique personal finance tool designed to replicate your financial life and the world around you.

Scientifically built, based upon the hierarchy of personal economics, your financial life can be organized, analyzed, strategized, and tracked for comprehensive results. Think of it as the DNA for personal financial freedom.


Why is a “Game Board” so important?

The LEAP® Model is a unique personal finance tool designed to replicate your financial life and the world around you. Scientifically built, based upon the hierarchy of personal economics, your financial life can be organized, analyzed, strategized, and tracked for optimal results. Think of it as the DNA for personal financial success. Its creation aimed to find a single financial tool that would avoid hype and opinion but instead properly weigh and measure anyone’s financial data and provide a course of action aiming to achieve optimal results.

With the LEAP® Model, you can identify and measure your Present Position™ (where you are today and where you are going), visualize how various financial strategies may help you to improve the use of each of your dollars and coordinate all your financial decisions so that your long term results may create additional flexibility, wealth, retirement income, and asset protection.

The Benefits of the “Game Board”

You can now manage your financial life by seeing all your financial decisions on one page. By using a scientific approach to identifying the relationship between all your money decisions and the rules of money built-in, you can now experience a better way to manage your financial life. With a financial professional of your choosing, LEAP® lets you Organize, Analyze, Measure, Strategize, and Track your entire financial life!


LEAP®, Leap-The Model for Financial Success™, The Leap Model™, Macro Manager™, Personal Macro Economics Process™, Wealth In Motion®, Protection, Savings, and Growth Model®, and Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process™ are trademarks and service marks of Leap Systems, LLC which is an independent affiliate of Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company (PML). HTK is a wholly owned subsidiary of PML. Trademarks belong to their respective owners.

  • Organized

    Viewing every financial decision simultaneously means more control over your finances.

  • Coordinated

    Analyze changes causing assets and cash flow to work together for improved results.

  • Optimized

    Each financial decision seeks to get the most out of each dollar used.

  • Scientific

    The model is built on a hierarchy that is architected by component, function, productivity, liquidity and risk characteristics.

  • Integrated

    Utilize the motion of money to build additional wealth and benefits.

  • Rule-Based

    Uses various personal assumptions in conjunction with the laws surrounding products and tax.

  • Cash Flow

    Identifies and illustrates the various types of cash flow for each money decision: contributions, premiums, payments, income, withdrawals, taxes, fees, etc. Identify where your money is allocated right now and see how redirecting your cash flow affects outputs, benefits, and opportunities today and in the future.

  • Debt Management

    Identify the various types of debt and liabilities present, illustrated alongside the rest of our model. You will see the payment, balance, interest rate, and months left for each obligation you have a plan to have.



At our firm within the 1847Financial family, our new business department is the foundational pillar of our support structure. Tasked with refining operations for our financial specialists, their emphasis lies in accurate data input, meticulous document gathering, and the prompt handling of new cases. This proficient approach ensures that our financial professionals can zero in on meaningful client interactions, undeterred by mundane administrative duties. In tandem, our marketing division works with our financial professionals, designing custom marketing plans, assisting with building CRM databases, and curating content that resonates with our clientele - all to generate new business and foster growth.

Stepping beyond the operational landscape, the leadership team provides robust support and direction. By offering continuous mentorship and proactive engagement, our leadership ensures our financial professionals are primed to realize their fullest potential, aligning with our central mission: Making Lives Better Because We Care.


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Discover What our LEAP® Model Has to Offer

Our process stands for Protection, Savings, and Growth and signifies the process we use to prepare clients for all of life's possibilities.

The philosophy behind our LEAP® model— taking a full-scope analysis of your client’s financial picture — empowers financial professionals to help clients reach their full potential and maximize every asset’s efficiency.

Using our LEAP® model, financial professionals experience a time-tested process that allows them to increase their productivity to the maximum level possible and, at the same time, empowers their clients to have confidence in their personal financial position. This ultimately boosts personal satisfaction and the invaluable reward of happy clients. This comprehensive approach differentiates us from traditional financial planning: You Will Stand Out!!

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