• Thursday, 8 February 2024

1847Financial Houston’s All-Star Lineup at Kickoff Sets Stage for Growth

1847Financial Houston and Managing Principal Mustaque Choudhury hosted an inspiring 2024 Kickoff Meeting that set the stage for an exceptional year ahead. Featuring a lineup of thirteen speakers, financial professionals heard valuable insights and updates across all key teams within 1847Financial and HTK, such as:

>> Niki Muller - AVP of 1847Financial, discussed our supported independence channel and the three key components that make Penn Mutual and 1847Financial a differentiator in this industry.
>> Mustaque Choudhury - Managing Principal, delivered a comprehensive look back on 2023 accomplishments, while unveiling intriguing goals for the team for 2024.
>> Amy Provezis - Field Marketing, covered all the marketing tools and resources financial professionals receive just for being affiliated, and their simplicity in helping create intentional growth.
>> Jon Ernst - Life Wholesaler & Steve Schaack - Annuity Wholesaler both shared exciting product launches, updates, and sales ideas.
>> Gretchen Dinucci - Head of Mortality Management, gave underwriting updates and best practices.
>> Joe Brunello - Director of Training/Development at LEAP, showcased the power of LEAP with different concepts and ideas.
>> Aaron Gordon - President of HTK, highlighted key enhancements including online new account opening and Docupace to streamline document processing.
>> Bill Bell – VP, Advanced Sales, described the expansion of his team, now bolstered with additional JDs, boasting a combined 120 years of experience in estate planning, business owner markets, and advanced case design.
>> Chelsie Hartline – Director, Practice Development, led financial professionals through a thought-provoking “Driving Growth” exercise, identifying top improvement opportunities for 2024.
>> Jeana Kay – Operations Manager, shared new office updates, contracting updates, and exciting upcoming training and firm events.
>> Kristin Huston, AVP – Experience, concluded the meeting on a high note by announcing recognition programs and upcoming conferences.

From financial professionals to local leadership and home office support, all attendees left the meeting energized and ready to IGNITE 2024 with renewed passion and determination!



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