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Managing Principal Plays Dual Role as Chef at 1847Financial Dallas/Fort Worth Holiday Party

In a departure from the usual trend of corporate holidays gatherings held at venues or restaurants, Aaron Peck, the Managing Principal of 1847Financial Dallas-Fort Worth, infused his own unique flair into this year's celebration. He welcomed the entire firm into his home and rather than rely on catering, he took charge and prepared the main entrée himself: Smoked Chicken Wraps, stuffed with flavorful ingredients. Aaron shared, "The entrée is the focus of any feast, so I wanted to ensure an excellent dining experience for our 1847Financial family.”


The celebration continued with holiday-themed Specialty Cocktail Stations, where guests were invited to channel their inner mixologist and craft personalized drinks.

Adding a playful touch, the event featured friendly holiday games. A highlight was the hunt for a pickle ornament hidden in the Christmas tree, triggering a race among competitors. The energy escalated with a game of White Elephant, and included fun-loving battles over the most sought-after gifts.

Aaron emphasized the significance of the year-end gathering, stating, "Our financial professionals, leadership team, and support staff dedicate themselves year-round. This home-cooked holiday gathering is our expression of gratitude, a chance to acknowledge hard work, and celebrate the strong, supportive family culture we've cultivated at 1847Financial Dallas-Fort Worth."



To replicate Aaron’s famous Smoked Chicken Wraps, check out his recipe below:


• Start with several large boneless chicken breasts, filleted and hammered to around a half-inch.

• Season the inside with your favorite chicken seasoning - McCormick’s Mesquite is Aaron's favorite.

• Place ham, spinach, sliced colby, and cream cheese on top of each chicken fillet and roll it up.

• Tie with string and sprinkle seasoning on rolls.

• Place in a deep pan with tall sides to catch the juices and bake/smoke at 275 to 300 until internal temperature reaches 165.

• Remove strings, slice, and serve.


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