• Thursday, 29 February 2024

1847Financial Dallas/Fort Worth LEAPS into an Acrobatic 2024

1847Financial Dallas/Fort Worth recently held their annual kickoff meeting complete with a Texas-sized itinerary.  Hosted by Managing Principal, Aaron Peck and his team, the event focused on camaraderie, education, LEAP Day promos, recognition, and a unique Cirque de Soliel outing. Let’s check out the highlights of the two fun-filled days: 

Local Flavor

The festivities commenced with a dinner outing at Kenny’s Italian Kitchen, a beloved Dallas culinary gem. Team members and home office partners bonded over scrumptious cuisine.


Training Sessions Inspired Financial Professionals to Take Action TOMORROW



The kickoff meeting included plugs for the firm’s upcoming once-every-4-years LEAP Day event and a wide variety of speakers with individualized expertise and topics, including:

>> Heather Nagengast, Head of 1847Financial

      1847Financial Update

>> Dave Wiesner, President of Leap Systems & Joe Brunello, Director of Training & Development

      LEAP Ahead in 2024!

>> Jon Ernst, Life Product Wholesaler, Penn Mutual

      Client Solutions We All Can Deliver in 2024!

>> Steve Schaack, Annuity Product Wholesaler

      More Ways to Guarantee Income

>> Nate Poole, Regional Sales Director, Morningstar

      Direct Indexing from Morningstar Wealth

>> Stephanie Crawley, Practice Development

      Driving Growth in Your Business

>> Bill Bell, JD, VP, Advanced Sales

      Meet the Advanced Sales Team, A True Differentiator

>> Amy Provezis, Field Marketing

      Grow Your Business with Field Marketing

This was our teaser video to encourage financial professionals to attend!

Awards Dinner Celebrating 2023 Success

Next was an awards dinner at Bent Tree Country Club where attendees bonded during social hour, dined on Texas-sized pecan ice cream balls, and financial professionals were recognized for outstanding contributions and achievements, including Overall Leader, Teresa Kuhn.

Swinging the Trapeze Toward Success in 2024!

The event concluded with over 20 guests enjoying lunch and a unique outing at Cirque du Soleil CRYSTAL, their first ever show on ice, combining stunning skating and acrobatic feats, for a world class audience experience.

Witnessing the synergy of acrobats and skaters effortlessly blending multiple disciplines, ignited a spark within each team member to soar to new heights in 2024!

The 1847Financial Dallas Fort-Worth Kickoff Event didn’t just include memorable outings but forged lasting connections among attendees and the motivation to LEAP into boundless opportunities in the year ahead.




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