• Tuesday, 12 March 2024

1847Financial Dallas/Fort Worth Jumpstarts Leap Year By Hosting Leap Day

Once every four years, the stars align for a unique occasion: Leap Day. Aaron Peck and his team seized this rare opportunity by orchestrating an unforgettable Leap® Systems educational event on February 29th.


Gathering 35 professionals from across the financial services industry, the event included riveting presentations on “Why Leap” case studies, calculator insights for navigating market volatility near retirement, and strategies for other client challenges.


The passion for using Leap® exuded from the impressive lineup of presenters, including:

>> Dave Wiesner, President of Leap Systems

>> Joe Brunello, Director of Training & Development, Leap® Systems

>> John Norman, CLU®, ChFC® Financial Advisor & Leap® Trainer

>> Chris Carrion, Financial Advisor     

>> Jerod Frank, ChFC®, Financial Advisor




Attendees indulged in delicious Greek delicacies and the event concluded with a networking social, where industry colleagues shared best practices and collaborated to solve common challenges. 


Leap Day Promotions 

From the creative Leapfrogs and chess pieces sent as invite swag, to the promo teaser video, every detail was designed to captivate and entice potential attendees.

See the promo teaser video below:

Cool swag



More to Come...

Inspired by the resounding success of Leap Day, the Dallas/Fort Worth team pledges to host additional events where they will dig in deeper at each session, embarking on a journey to transform Leap Day into a Leap YEAR!  




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