A life-long resident of Lancaster County, graduate of Lancaster Catholic High
School and Millersville University and 26-year veteran in the financial services
industry, Carol Brian is passionate about serving, educating, empowering and
motivating women to achieve financial independence.

Carol has experienced both hardship and success throughout her life. Her
personal experiences have instilled in her the professional calling to help other
women pick up the pieces and more forward after financial misfortune.

The youngest of six daughters, she was only in second grade when her 43-yearold
father died unexpectedly, leaving her mother with a meager $10,000 life
insurance policy to pay for funeral expenses and raise her family. Eventually,
Carol’s mother remarried and spent 20 years with Carol’s stepfather until he
died in a tragic accident. The emotional toll was difficult, but thankfully, her
stepfather had protected the family with adequate life insurance coverage.

She grew up respecting the value of money as a result of her family’s struggles.
She learned first hand how poor preparation versus a well thought out plan can
make a difference for the survivors following the loss of a loved one.

Just two years after her stepfather died, Carol’s mother succumbed to ovarian
cancer; Carol was the executor to the estate. Appalled by the complexity of the
process for settling financial affairs, Carol committed herself to serving as an
advocate of others are they navigate the maze of paperwork and procedures.

Many of the clients she works with have been left financially vulnerable due to
the circumstances beyond their control – loss of a spouse or a loved one, loss of
a job, or loss of a marriage. She helps guide them in making decisions that will
put them back on track to financial security.

Carol is very actively involved in the Lancaster Chamber’s Women in Business
Mentor Program as a Champion and Advisory Board Member, is the Chair of the
Ephrata Chamber’s Women in Business Program, on the board of the
Philadelphia Tri-County Chapter of WIFS, is a National Member of WIFS, and is a
member and two-time past president of the Lancaster Area Express Network
Chapter of ABWA (American Business Women’s Association).

On a personal note, Carol enjoys traveling, hiking, biking, amateur photography
and beach combing. She is married to her husband, Alan, and they have one
amazing daughter, Allison.