• Friday, 28 June 2024

Culture, Connection and Results – A Spotlight with Bryan Woodell

In financial services, the role of the recruiter and business development director is pivotal. They shape the future of the firm by selecting the right talent and helping them grow their business. Today, we shine the spotlight on Bryan Woodell, Business Development Director at 1847Financial Charlotte/Atlanta. Bryan is a seasoned professional whose instincts, hard work and dedication have helped the firm achieve unprecedented growth over the last five years while making a significant impact in the lives of countless financial professionals.

How long have you been in financial services?
With more than two decades of experience, Bryan has extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the industry. His true success, however, lies in his ability to forge meaningful connections with people. Growing up in a blue-collar family taught him that hard work and strong relationships are the keys to success. This background has fostered his practical, down-to-earth perspective and a deep appreciation for the efforts of financial professionals.

What made you decide to join the financial services industry?
"For me, it was all about the ability to make choices," Bryan shares. "When I joined, I had a stay-at-home wife and two young children and frankly, we struggled financially. I was entrepreneurial enough and driven to make a change. Financial services offered me the opportunity to leverage my network and skills to create choices, and a better life for my family."

What roles have you had along the way?
Bryan's career began as a financial professional. He quickly excelled, qualifying for the top sales conference in just two years. His success in the field paved the way for his transition into management, where he has spent the majority of his career. "I became a sales manager 21 months into my career and have been in some form of that role since then," he explains.

What does your firm offer that others don’t?
"Our distribution model offers some of the most competitive products and strong compensation. Combine that with the support and culture at our firm and I don’t think there’s a better place for financial professionals. Culture is one of those words that is hard to define, but it’s what makes our firm stand out. We put our financial professionals first, offering support beyond what they might receive elsewhere. Collaboration and encouragement are at the heart of what we do and this creates a positive and motivating culture environment that sets us apart."

With a self-described “gift to gab,” Bryan also enjoys meeting prospects in person — whether that involves conducting recruiting roadshows with groups or having coffee meetings to ensure there’s a good fit between the firm and the prospect.

How do you partner with financial professionals, and why would someone join your firm?
"I believe in a hands-on, coach approach. My goal is to ensure that every financial professional I work with feels supported. I help them enhance their brand, develop their skills and grow their business. Teaming is big for us and I connect them with experts to help them become more successful.”

How have you helped a financial professional grow their business?
Bryan recalls one instance where a financial professional more than double her business within a year. "Together, we identified key areas for improvement, developed a targeted marketing strategy. We also provided access to a new business support team that allowed her to free up time to meet with clients. She was able to decide how to brand her business and present herself to clients. It was incredibly rewarding to see her hard work pay off."

Describe your ideal recruit.
"Our ideal recruit is someone who is driven, ethical, eager to learn, and coachable. They should be passionate about helping clients achieve their financial goals and be committed to continuous improvement. We’re looking for holistic planners who want to take their business to the next level.”

What mistakes do financial professionals make when joining a new firm?
"One common mistake is focusing on the wrong things, such as learning the details of submitting business instead of prioritizing getting in front of more clients. Success comes when you focus on high-impact activities that drive growth and results."

What has been your biggest success in your career?
"My biggest success has been the long-term relationships I've built. Seeing financial professionals grow and succeed over the years is incredibly fulfilling. In addition, I owe a lot to the mentors I've had over the years. Our Managing Principal, Dr. Tom Parks has showed me that you can lead with kindness, but also gets results."

Describe your leadership style.
"My job is to help people. I lead by example. I believe in being approachable, transparent, and supportive. My goal is to empower my team to achieve their best."

What advice would you give a financial professional looking to change firms?
"Do your research. Ensure the new firm aligns with your values and provides the support you need. Take the time to understand their culture, resources, and growth opportunities. This means asking a lot of questions until you fully understand what they have to offer you."

What do you do for fun?
"I enjoy spending time with my family, playing sports, and doing activities on the water.”

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