Congratulations to Rashon Howard, MSFP, AFC®️, one of our Business Development Directors, for his recent participation in the Black Executive Leadership Program. The unique program is part of The American College of Financial Services and increases equitable representation and advancing of Black financial professionals to the highest levels of organizations.

“Sometimes, our hereditary circumstances can create mental and emotional barriers that prevent us from exhaling professionally, especially in leadership. Through the program, I learned how to navigate those barriers in a way that will allow me to maximize my potential, unlocking my top leadership characteristics. I gained so much perspective. I’m very grateful for this experience.”

Rashon Howard, MSFP, AFC®️, 1847Financial

Through a series of in-person and virtual meetings, Black professionals learn from other Black leaders about what it takes to reach the highest financial services industry ranks. The program incorporates their four pillars of connecting with peers and leaders to develop executive IQ, building proficiencies and relationships, strengthening firm culture through leadership development, and advancing careers by driving results. Participants examine key pathways to gaining access to new positions while growing in knowledge and skill set.

The program describes its mission as:

“The College’s Black Executive Leadership Program is a culturally relevant and empowering experience designed for high-potential middle-management Black financial professionals looking to learn and grow alongside company senior leaders. With sponsors championing our fellows as they gain the practical knowledge and insights they need to advance to the next level of influence within their organizations, the program furthers The College’s goal to promote corporate diversity in the industry.”

At 1847Financial, relationships are driven by empathy, engagement, education, and empowerment. Rashon continues to embody our principles with his ongoing growth and advocacy efforts.

You can learn more about the program here: