James J. Meehan, MSM
James J. Meehan, MSMChief Visionary & Co-Managing Partner
Anyone that knows Jim knows he is always in the future! He has a remarkable ability to always see the big picture. His optimism is contagious; and it is hard to leave a meeting with Jim and not know and feel how bright the future is. Jim is a natural leader who leads from the front blazing a trail for 1847Financial.
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Lisa B. Davis, MSM
Lisa B. Davis, MSMChief Strategist & Co-Managing Partner
Can you keep up? Lisa’s mind moves at a mile a minute. Always thinking, planning and strategizing; you can see her mind working from the second you start your conversation. It’s like watching someone put together a puzzle in lighting speed! Lisa’s passion for 1847Financial and the work we do is infectious.
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Brian K. Breneman
Brian K. BrenemanChief Builder & Managing Director
“Quality” is the perfect word to describe Brian. He is one of the most trustworthy and loyal people we know. He has used his loyalty and dedication to help map a footprint for 1847Financial. Leveraging his long lasting relationships, he has built a team of high quality financial professionals. Always on the go, we often wonder if he has the ability to teleport!
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Kevin M. Kennedy
Kevin M. KennedyChief Operator & COO
If Kevin had a tool belt there would be at least a million tools hanging from it because there is no problem Kevin can’t fix! With a cool, calm and collected demeanor, Kevin approaches every situation with a “no problem, I’ve got this” attitude. But it’s not just problems Kevin solves, he is quick on his feet and is always thinking of ways to improve our efficiencies with out of the box thinking!
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