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Foundation years

Managing wealth starts with building wealth. But the earlier you save — the earlier you plan — the stronger your foundation for a fruitful financial future.


Accumulation years

Year by year, good decisions build momentum. We’ll help you guide your wealth with prudent planning and flexibility for life’s ebbs and flows.


Preservation years

Priorities change. Visions change. We’ll be there to help you mold your investment and insurance strategies to work for your goals, no matter life’s changes.


Golden years

A well-balanced portfolio is key to fulfilling your planned retirement. We’ll monitor your wealth, manage your investments, and help you plan for future generations.

Solutions fit for families, businesses, and futures

You can’t predict what the future holds. But it’s crucial to protect what you’ve built — for yourself, and for those depending on you. Proper insurance planning can safeguard your financial wellbeing from whatever life brings. Together, we’ll make sure you’re prepared for anything.

  • Life Insurance
    • Life insurance is an important building block of a comprehensive financial plan — strengthening the other components of your wealth management strategy.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
    • Long-term care insurance helps offset the cost of a nursing home or in-home care should you require assistance in your golden years and beyond.
  • Disability Insurance
    • Disability insurance protects you from life’s uncertainties — making up for lost wages in the event of an accident, injury, or sickness that keeps you from working.
  • Emergency Savings
    • Emergency savings to cover living and essential expenses for at least six months are a key part of any protection plan.

Starting early and saving often is the best way to meet your long-term goals. But your ability to save will depend on different circumstances throughout your life. We tailor your financial plan to your life. No matter your journey, we’ll work with you to:

  • Understand your risk tolerance
  • Develop a long-term investment strategy
  • Execute and evolve that strategy

Creating a plan that addresses both estate and retirement needs helps ensure that you enjoy your retirement and pass wealth onto your family and charitable causes. Estate planning helps maximize your wealth — regardless of the amount — and determine the best way to distribute it. It’s also important for business owners who have significant assets tied to their business. 

With expertise and guidance, you can best plan for estate taxes and maximize the assets passed to your beneficiaries. 

  • Wills
    • A legal declaration of how you want your assets distributed when you’re gone
  • Trusts
    • Transfers property to your beneficiaries with several tax and non-tax advantages
  • Charitable Giving
    • Distributes assets to select organizations with minimal tax impact.
  • Life Insurance
    • Helps your family maintain their lifestyle, provide liquidity to pay taxes and settlement costs, as well as equalize inheritances.

With each passing year — as your family grows, your career takes off, or your children leave the nest — you can take steps toward your retirement goals. And the best plan will consider the many expected and unexpected events and challenges — from when you choose to stop working to managing increasing healthcare costs and living longer than you might expect.

We’ll work together to determine your best path forward, planning for whatever lies ahead.

The success of your business not only supports you and your family, but your employees and their families too. But what if something happens to you or your business? Could your business run without you? What if a natural disaster upends your company?

We’ll work together to ensure you can answer these crucial questions and properly manage risk to help ensure that your small business has a solid financial and risk plan to continue to provide for all who rely on its success.

Your key employees are valuable assets that help keep your business running. Losing even one can be costly and trigger a ripple effect of:

  • Lost productivity and knowledge
  • Unsettled coworkers
  • New hire and training expenses

Losing a key employee to a competitor can be even more damaging. It’s in your best interest to reward key employees with long-term incentives that help you retain your team. We’ll help you design employee benefits that give them the validation and financial security they need.

A comfortable retirement depends on a successful transition for your business. But with countless responsibilities, it’s difficult to devote time to planning when or how you can step away.

We’ll work with you to conduct diligent research — from the market value of your small business to your current and projected revenue and assets. And together, we’ll determine the best plan for your succession and future goals, and discuss the pros and cons of different succession strategies:

  • Is it too risky to depend solely on the proceeds from a sale of your business for retirement?
  • Do you have the proper agreements in place to pass your business to a family member, partner, or key employee?
  • How will you find the right buyer and know you received a fair price?
No one person’s needs are the same as another. But financial advisors need a special skill set to properly support families who have a loved one with special needs.

Our team is specially trained to create comprehensive financial and social strategies for those with special needs — bridging the gap between community, government, and long-term support to help them live the lives they desire. Work with a special needs financial professional to:

  • Establish strategies to fund a special needs trust
  • Manage government benefits and eligibility
  • Find the right attorney
  • Plan a “three-person retirement”
  • Address multigenerational wealth management
  • Conduct advanced insurance planning
  • Develop tax planning strategies for special needs situations

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