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Pat Bergmaier & Brian Kelnhofer will be presenting so make sure to tune in for some valuable information!
Please send us your questions, areas of concern, things that keep you up at night, topics that cause confusion, etc so we can get you the information you want since you are taking the time to listen in.
Families with children and other dependents with special needs, no matter what the age or dynamic, face many serious questions about how to best prepare for the future well-being of their loved ones.
It is important to be aware of how special needs financial & estate planning is different than traditional financial & estate planning. Our goal is to make sure attendees learn the importance of integrating all the necessary pieces into one cohesive plan, so the vision they have for their child’s life can become a reality, whether they are here or not.
We will certainly cover:
SECURE Act and it’s tax-planning ramifications
Estate Planning for Special Needs
Government Benefits planning
Strategies for funding lifetime care & quality of life for your loved ones
Grandparents – the do’s the don’ts to Multigenerational Legacy Planning
Plus more!