Shubert Cineus is passionate about finance.

Before Shubert can speak intelligently about the products and recommendations that might be appropriate for you and your family, he needs to get to know you first. And, before you can feel comfortable sharing your goals and dreams with him, you need to get to know him as well.

Who Is Shubert Cineus?

Shubert Cineus was born and raised in Haiti in March 1977. He graduated from INAGHEI Haitian State University with a bachelor’s in business. He was the first in his family to attend and graduate college. Shubert started his career working with Sogebank as a Teller right out of high school in the early 2000s. This bank soon after merged with the InterContinental Bank and became the largest bank on the Island Shubert came to be part of the management team as Branch Assistant Manager.

Shubert moved permanently to the US in 2004 where he made a shift to his career and became a blue-collar worker because he couldn’t have transitioned directly into banking management due to limited knowledge of the US banking system.
He got enrolled in HVAC school for a year and started working as a technician, then quickly became part of the sales team of some of the largest HVAC companies in South Florida and was very successful doing it. Shubert wanted to go back to the financial industry but when the market crashed in 2008, he decided to make another career change and got enrolled in Nursing School at Palm Beach State College, he was a very good student with very good grades but Shubert couldn’t picture himself working as a “Nurse” and decided to form his own company with the knowledge and skills he acquired in Nursing school and formed PRO-MEDICAL INC, a medical device distributorship in south Florida in the Orthopedic Industry. He ran the company for about 3 years and started to run into a lot of red tapes between companies he was representing, and major hospitals related to contracting.

Determined to follow his passion for financial services and not get bogged down by difficulties, he decided to go back to the financial industry and became a financial professional for Northwestern Mutual in December 2016.

As a Financial Professional, Shubert focuses on helping sophisticated, busy, successful people save money efficiently, protect the things and people they care about most, and minimize the impact of taxes over time. Shubert and his team specialize in working with investment professionals, law partners, CPAs, and entrepreneurs in the areas of estate, business, retirement, and family insurance planning.

Shubert lives in Wellington with his 2 boys from his previous marriage. He enjoys the outdoors, the gym, golf, and basketball. He serves on the Keiser University accounting and business program board and is also a member of the Palm Beach Rotary Club and other nonprofit organizations.