• Member of UTK Alumni Association
  • Member Toastmasters International
  • Member Italian Chamber of Commerce
  • Member Knights of Columbus
  • HTK registered representative

Market Focus

  • Exit Strategies for business owners
  • Ensuring the continuation of the Business in Scenarios of Owner Death or Disability
  • Transition the Business & Enjoying a Well-Deserved


  • Key Man Retention Strategies
  • Tax-Advantaged Retirement Income Strategies
  • Pension Plan Services

Legacy Planning

  • Help you reduce the government’s
  • “inheritance” from your estate
  • Helping protect assets and income from a nursing
  • home stay

Retirement Strategies

  • Analysis of when to retire and how long your assets can provide the income for the lifestyle you desire
  • Alternatives to the employer-sponsored plan

Employee Benefits

  • 401(k), SIMPLE IRA, Profit Sharing and SEP Plans
  • Supplement Executive Retirement Income Plans